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Jewish Fiction, not Holocaust Related, for Book Clubs

Jewish Fiction, not Holocaust Related, for Book Clubs

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April 2002
Compiled by Amy Cervene, of Smoky Hill Public Library, Centennial, CO, from contributions by the members of Fiction_L.

(To use this list in your library, book club, etc., please include the following credit line: "Compiled by the subscribers of the Fiction_L mailing list." This list may not be used for commercial purposes.)



Birmingham, Stephen "Our Crowd": The Great Jewish Families of New York
Birmingham, Stephen The Grandees: America's Sephardic Elite
Birmingham, Stephen "The Rest of Us": The Rise of America's Eastern European Jews
Bloom, Stephen Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America
Blumenfeld, Laura Revenge: A Love Story
Chapman, Fern Schumer Motherland: Beyond the Holocaust: A Daughter's Journey to Reclaim the Past
Dubner, Stephen J. Turbulent souls : a Catholic son's return to his Jewish family
Erlich, Elizabeth Miriam's Kitchen
Hammer, Joshua Chosen by God
Horovitz, David Phillip A Little Too Close to God
Rinkoon, J. Sanford Rachel Caloff's Story: Jewish Homesteader on the Northern Plains
Nadel, Ira Bruce Jewish Writers of North America: A Guide to Information Sources


Abraham, Pearl Giving Up America
Abraham, Pearl The Romance Reader
Aleichem, Sholem Any works
Buck, Pearl S. Peony
Dann, Jack M. (editor) Wandering Stars and More Wandering Stars
Davidson, Avram Everybody Has Somebody in Heaven: Essential Jewish Tales of the Spirit
Denker, Henry Horowitz and Mrs. Washington
Ducovny, Amram Coney
Eliot, George Daniel Deronda
Englander, Nathan For the Relief of Unbearable Urges
Eve, Nomi Family Orchard
Ferber, Edna Fanny Herself
Goldberg, Myla Bee Season
Goldman, Judy The Slow Way Back
Goldstein, Rebecca Mazel
Goldstein, Rebecca The Mind-Body Problem
Goodman, Allegra Kaaterskill Falls
Goodman, Allegra The Family Markowitz
Grant, Linda When I Lived in Modern Times
Grossman, David The Zigzag Kid
Halter, Marek The Book of Abraham
Halter, Marek The Children of Abraham
Hamill, Pete Snow in August
Henkin, Joshua Swimming across the Hudson
Hobson, Laura Z. Gentleman's Agreement
Horn, Shifra Four Mothers
Horn, Shifra The Fairest Among Women
Kagan, Elaine Somebody's Baby
Kahn, Sharon Don't Cry for Me Hot Pastrami
Kellerman, Faye The Ritual Bath
Kenaz, Yehoshua Returning Lost Loves
Kirshenbaum, Binnie Hester Among the Ruins
Leahy, Syrell Rogovin A Book of Ruth
Lipman, Elinor The Inn at Lake Devine
Liss, David A Conspiracy of Paper
Malamud, Bernard A New Life
Malamud, Bernard The Assistant
Mirvis, Tova The Ladies Auxiliary
Morton, Brian Starting Out in the Evening
Nahai, Gina Barkhordar Cry of the Peacock
Nahai, Gina Barkhordar Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith
Nattel, Lilian The River Midnight
Obejas, Archy Days of Awe
Pap, Karoly Azarel
Piercy, Marge He, She and It
Plain, Belva Evergreen
Potok, Chaim Old Men at Midnight
Potok, Chaim The Chosen
Prose, Francine Dybbuk: A Story Made in Heaven
Rabinyan, Dorit Persian Brides
Ragen, Naomi The Ghost of Hannah Mendes
Roiphe, Anne Richardson Lovingkindness
Schwartz-Bart, Andre The Last of the Just
Shalev, Meir The Blue Mountain
Shalev, Meir The Loves of Judith
Singer, Isaac Bashevis Any works
Spark, Debra The Ghost of Bridgetown
Stark, Richard Flashfire
Wouk, Herman Marjorie Morningstar
Yezierska, Anzia Bread Givers

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